Highrise is now available

I wrote about 37signals’ fantastic CRM application, Highrise, a couple days ago.  I was checking my feeds this morning and saw that Highrise is now available to the public.  I spent a little time on the weekend going through the preview posts and all I can say is that I am there like a bear.  This application is going to make keeping track of your customers so easy.  I love the email feature where you can forward emails from customers and Highrise will capture their information (or if they are in your database already, it will add the email contents to that customer’s profile).

There are a couple price plans including a free option for you to try out.

If you sign up for the Plus package and higher, you also get a $10 discount on Basecamp.  I am not sure if the discount can be applied to an existing subscription (I sent them an email and should know later today).

(Source: Mashable – Social Networking News)

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