I don’t always (often?) agree with Seth Rotherham, but in this case, I think he’s right. Although he puts it in a typically dramatic fashion, that’s what his readers like and that’s what has made his blog (and it IS a blog!) so popular. Don’t knock him for having an opinion and a way of putting across. People would do well to remember: “His blog gets more hits than yours”

The 2007 SA Blog Awards have, perhaps noticeably this year, got some pretty awesome prizes. No-one’s going to turn their nose up at a MacBook Pro or some of the other valuable prizes. But with those bigger prizes and the growth of blogging and interest in blogging, the SA Blog Awards this year had to be more transparent than ever before. And completely the opposite has happened.

Everyone in SA knows how much nepotism and cronyism in the Government and big business is hated by the honest hardworking folk of the country. Why take the blog awards down that same route? And, even if everything is crystal clear and above board, why put yourself in the position where it doesn’t appear to be?

End of the SA Blog Awards? Who knows? Hopefully in this format, yes.

And maybe it’s time that someone else stepped in – I think JC has lost credibility now.