Thanks for your thoughts Nic!

In my humble opinion, the way we as the local blogger community deal with this issue will determine whether we are going to be taken seriously in the coming months (to say the least) or even the next year or so.

Let's get with the program and if the 2007 Blog Awards methodology doesn't meet the grade then let's practice what we preach and have a meaningful contribution about how to do it better in 2008. In fairness to Jon Cherry, he has invited this feedback. Let's come up with something.

In case anyone thinks I am being a Cherry fanboy, let me point out that I do see both sides of the argument and there is merit in both. Neither argument is going to win without being at the expense of the other and what the Awards have accomplished – greater public awareness of what we have been doing the last few years in this corner of the Web. That is the point of it all, isn't it?