Hi Karen and Rouvane

You both have going points. chilibean and Legally Content (a blog and podcast I am involved in) were both listed as finalists and if either (or both) of them win I’d like to have that success mean something.

Heck, the fact that both were shortlisted is something I am proud of because I have put a lot of time and passion into not just those two items but all the other projects I am working on and being a finalist in the Blog Awards is a great validation that what I am doing is working and people enjoy my content.

This flamewar over the awards detracts from the nominations, shortlistings and ultimately from the winners and not all of those people are judges. They are blogging/pocasting away, sharing their content and helping to build an even more vibrant blogging community and user-created content industry in South Africa. The ultimate winners are all of us, judges and non-judges, detractors and supporters.