SA Blogger Elite? Just who are the A-list bloggers?

I just listened to Amplitude 9 on my way out to the shops (perfect podcast for short shopping trips) and one of the topics Mike and Dave discussed was the SA Blogger Elite.  This is really a spin-off from the 2007 SA Blog Awards (yawn) debate which has been raging for a week or two now.  I am fascinated by this notion of a group of A-list SA bloggers roaming around the country, paparazzi following them around, taking photos of their shopping bags and spreading rumours about their carpal tunnel syndrome from all that blogging …

What do you think?  Do we really have a blogger elite?  Is there really a group of A-list (what does that mean anyway) bloggers and, if so, what does it take to be an A-list blogger (and is there a form of rotating membership like the United Nations Security Council)?  Perhaps more importantly, what does it mean to be an A-list blogger?  I think being an A-list blogger (assuming such a species exists) involves a degree of responsibility towards the blogging community as a whole.  Maybe the "A" in A-list stands for "Ambassador"?  Or does it just stand for "Awesome dude!"?

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