An argument for letting your content go places

Scoble spoke about the Viacom vs YouTube court case in the context of how best to publish content and he made a really interesting observation that makes a good argument for letting your content be republished on other services like YouTube, Google Video, [INSERT NAME OF CONTENT SHARING SITE HERE]:

Viacom wants to play force folks to play on our turf. Does the Internet reward that kind of behavior?

It hasnt in the past. PodTech tried that strategy. To watch my videos you used to have to go to PodTech. Then in January we let go a little bit of our controlling attitude and made a player that you can embed on your own site. What happened?

Traffic tripled.

So, if I were a smart content guy (hint, Im not) Id be opening my video archives and saying post them where you want.

If I were even smarter Id say cut them up, edit them, mash them, do what you want with them. Im not that smart either.

And, if I really were blessed with a brain like Douglas Engelbarts Id make video for where the big audiences are (hint: its YouTube, StumbleUpon, Digg, Flickr, Blogs, and search engines like Google/Yahoo/Live).

Im not that smart, but other people in this industry are.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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