Sync those calendars, baby

Calgoo is a cool looking service. It has elements of Spanning Sync (version 1.0 has just been released so update now) and Scrybe in that it basically aggregates your calendars and helps you keep track of them all. In a nutshell, Calgoo allows you to:

  • Find calendars, schedules and events that interest or affect you
  • Bring together iCal, Outlook and Google calendars in one view
  • Use your calendars offline and sync them when you go online
  • Organize, search, manage and view multiple calendars and schedules
  • Share your calendars with other people
  • Make appointments and invite people
  • Keep track of tasks and see them in your calendar
  • Get reminders via email, pop-up, or SMS to your cell phone
  • Work with Google Calendar and Google Apps free and Premier Edition

It seems that what you can do with Calgoo is import a variety of calendars from Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal based calendars and aggregate all of that information in one place. You can manage your time with Calgoo and using the Google Calendar Data API it looks like you can also synchronise with and store events on Google Calendar.

Calgoo can also apparently be used as an offline Google Calendar application that can be set to synchronise when you connect again. There are apparently some exciting features in the pipeline. According to Web Worker Daily:

The Calgoo folks are also working to add value beyond simple calendar synchronization. Other features here include showing meeting locations on Google Maps, a task list (not synchronized with any other applications yet), and tagging and filtering options to help you manage truly cluttered calendars.

Calgoo seems to be free although there is a mention of an upgrade as a registered user. I am not sure if that is an upgrade to a more current version of an upgrade to a paid account. I couldn’t bring myself to register for yet another service this morning to find out.

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