Exploding MacBooks – watch out!

One unfortunate Australian discovered yet another flaw in the MacBook range.  After experiencing a diminishing battery life on his MacBook over a period of time (I had that with my PowerBook before I had the battery swapped out as part of a battery recall), he had the following experience:

So, Saturday afternoon I watched a tv show (from a ripped dvd) on the macbook. The battery goes down to 21%. I close all programs and shut the lid. It was in sleep mode – the light was pulsing. I usually plug it in for a charge but I didn’t this time and head out for the weekend (damn lucky as I would have come home to rubble).
Sunday night, I come home and open the lid. It doesn’t wake. I plug the power in and it fires up but showing 0% on the battery symbol.
I surf the net using safari for 30 minutes and the battery is charging up as usual.
I close all programs and shut the lid. Again, I always make sure it’s in sleep mode before putting it down. I set it on the book shelf and leave it to charge.

And we are back at the 3am incident. My girlfriend said she heard it hissing like a steam valve, then smoke started pouring out of it and a couple of seconds later, a very large flash fire started. I’m sure you have read about these and seen the dell video. This is what happened to my macbook.

The battery is swollen and burnt so it’s definitely the battery that exploded and caught fire. The macbook is melted on the bottom and severely charred (along with my bookshelves, books, magazines and the wall). The space bar is melted as is the track pad. The screen has been damaged a little too.

I’ve lamented quality issues before (as I type this my PowerBook’s drive sounds like it is about to have a heart attack) and it seems like a good time to refer you to my earlier post where I asked "What is going wrong with Apple".  How could a company that has a reputation for great hardware and software that work really well produce such shoddy products?  WTF?!  I would say it is enough to drive a person to Windows but I wouldn’t go that far.  At the very least, these problems could get a person thinking about a move to … Ubuntu!

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