And Tertia is shortlisted for the Blooker Awards!

I wrote about the Blooker Awards a little while ago on this blog. I mentioned that Tertia Albertyn’s book, So Close, had been entered for consideration. Well, it turns out that our Tertia’s book has been shortlisted for the prize.

Notice how Tertia’s book is listed along with Seth Godin’s book. That has to be a good sign! Tertia has posted the news on her blog already and she understandably thrilled:

What an absolute honour and thrill! My book has been short listed for the 2007 Lulu Blooker Prize. I have absolutely bugger all chance of winning as I am among enormously prestigious and talented company; people like Frank Warren from Post Secret, Seth Godin, Colby Buzzell, Kristin Espinasse, Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas from Daily Kos. In fact, as I write that list down, I am amazed that I made it on to the list at all. What a massive honour. I am beside myself with excitement. Little old me from the ˜obviously starved state of the South African literary market™. Who knew! The overall winner will be announced on the 14th May, 2007.
Am so thrilled. What an honour to be short listed! Yay me! Now just have to work on getting the damn book published internationally!

Congrats Tertia! Let’s hold thumbs, toes and other things for the 14th of May …

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