Hi Rob

Thanks for the kind words. I didn’t mean to suggest that Muti itself be used but rather something that works like Muti/Digg. The idea is that people will have to log in (so we can only vote on each blog once) and then either vote for a blog or not. Once the vote is logged, it will go into the database. Blogs should be categorised according to whichever categories exist at the time or there should be a set of checkboxes so voters can choose the category for each blog being voted for. The system should also ensure that duplicate entries are not included in the list.

I also suggest that there be at least 2 rounds of voting. The first vote will be to identify the shortlist of, say, 10 blogs per category and the second round of voting will result in the winner in each category and runners-up.

This process has the advantage of limiting any possible influence of the judges themselves (not that I believe the judges were anything but diligent and honest but some people disagree) and the voting process is driven by the community, hopefully with all the possible blogs being part of the process. The challenge with this year’s process is that there was no real chance of a voter seeing a blog he/she forgot about being voted on by other people and deciding to include that blog in his/her vote. This is a bit like a recommendation thing as well.

Ok, lots of ideas here for the next year’s process so if anyone wants to brainstorm a bit more, feel free to give me a call or drop me an email?