The Open Law Project

I wrote about a free legal content site a little while ago.  I asked whether I am perhaps being a bit of a hippy and the people who commented on the post seemed to indicate that if I am being a hippy then it is groovy!  I recently launched a project which I hope will become this free legal content site.  I chose the format of a wiki for this purpose and specifically the MediaWiki engine that powers the great online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.  This project is called the Open Law Project and it is open to anyone who feels that he or she can make a meaningful contribution to the wiki.

The wiki is still a little rough (I am still working out how to format the front page) so I apologise for that.  There are a number of resources to help first time wiki editors as well as other help pages.  Ideally I’d like to see members of the South African legal community adding and editing articles based on their expertise and knowledge to this wiki so please spread the word.  This project is intended to replicate the tremendous success Wikipedia has enjoyed relative to established contenders like Encarta and Britannica for the benefit of, well, anyone who wants the content.  This project is for the public benefit.  Will you help me create it?

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