Unified messaging at MTN?

MTN has a service called i-Mail which is a pretty interesting messaging service. It is a web-based service that enables you to manage your voicemail, faxmail and videomail messages on the Web:

i-Mail is a web-based service, free to all MTN customers with access to the internet.

  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • View your messages using any Media Player installed on your PC or laptop
  • Download and save your messages on your PC or laptop
  • Have all your messages sent as attachments to the email address of your choice, thereby integrating your VoiceMail, FaxMail and VideoMail with your E-Mail
  • Have all your messages sent as MMSes to your cellphone
  • Create 5 different greetings, and selecting the rules by which each greeting should be played (e.g. different times of the day) – Enhanced VoiceMail and Enhanced VoiceMail Plus subscribers

This service is a pretty handy service to have if you would like to aggregate all your messages in one place. I am not too sure how having messages forwarded to an MMS capable phone is much more beneficial than simply accessing them directly from the phone itself but the ability to have messages forwarded to your email address can be really handy. For one thing this service gives you a backup facility by enabling you to archive old messages for later use.

The customisable greetings are a great idea. For one thing you can create more than one greeting and schedule these greetings to be played at different times in the day. For example, you can set up one greeting to play during office hours and you are at work and another greeting in the evenings and a further greeting when you are on holiday. To add to this you can also set up a status message to let callers know that you are on another call, for example, instead of them being routed to your voicemail regardless of why you can’t take the call.

All in all, this is a really handy service. It is also pretty close to a unified messaging service, at least as far as your mobile service is concerned and that helps keep that side of things under control.

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