Freshbooks integrates with Basecamp

FreshBooks has announced that it has integrated its billing platform with Basecamp, a collaboration platform created by 37signalsAs I mentioned before, FreshBooks is a great online billing system which could be perfect for small businesses that can’t afford (or don’t see the need for) an expensive accounting package.  Basecamp is a fantastic web-based collaboration and project management platform that is a popular choice for small businesses who may be looking for a platform to use as an extranet for clients, a central collaboration space for projects or colleagues and just a convenient place to keep an eye on jobs and plan for them going forward.

Combing FreshBooks and Basecamp is a great idea and it now allows people who use both services to run many aspects of their projects and/or businesses (the combination of Basecamp and FreshBooks could be a fantastic platform to run a business, especially with members of the team being in different geographical locations – for example, where team members all work from home and need to keep up to date on the progress being made on jobs or perhaps need to share documents).

The one thing I would like to see in Basecamp is a word processing and spreadsheet service to round out the lite office services.

(Sources: LifeDev, FreshBooks blog)

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