Using Gmail for more than just email

Steve Rubel has a really interesting post titled "Turn Gmail Into Your Personal Nerve Center" where he gives a few tips on how to take your Gmail account far beyond a simple mail application (to the extent Gmail can be considered simple). Here is a list of his suggestions:

  • How to turn Gmail into a massive personal database (Gmail + the Google Toolbar)
  • How to get real-time news updates in Gmail (Gmail+ Google Talk + Twitter)
  • How to automatically store your bookmarks in Gmail (Gmail + + Yahoo Alerts)
  • How to manage Calendar and To-Dos in Gmail (Gmail + Backpack + GCal + GTalk + iMified)
  • How to blog from Gmail (Gmail + WordPress/TypePad/Blogger + IMified)

I really like the tip about how to store bookmarks in Gmail. It involves using and Yahoo! Alerts to send yourself your bookmarks for the day. You can also use the "shared items" feature in Google Reader to achieve a similar result.

Although some of the processes can be a little complicated to set up, the end result is that you will be able to position your Gmail account as a focal point for your day’s activities and perhaps even as the "Personal Nerve Center" Rubel speaks of.

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