PBWiki, now with 30boxes

PBwiki (did you know the ‘PB’ is an abbreviation for ‘peanut butter’ from the assertion that a PBwiki is "as easy to make as a peanut butter sandwich"), the wiki engine that has been used locally to arrange events ranging from geek dinners to the 27dinners to the webpr+ conference, will soon have calendar functionality in the form of a 30Boxes calendar. The 30Boxes calendar will be added to PBwiki as a template option (if it hasn’t already been added).

This development is part of a partnership between the calendaring web application, 30Boxes, and the popular and very easy to use wiki service. This is a great addition to the service, particularly for groups who use PBwiki to arrange events. Of course it makes sense to use the new 30Boxes functionality on any wiki that involves some form of scheduling.

(Source: TechCrunch)






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