What I think is most interesting about this is how I hear people saying, “do something original” and “what’s happening overseas”. That kind of stuff. Yet, these same people aren’t coming up with any new groundbreaking ideas of their own.

I believe something like Scribd could come straight out of SA. There’s a great deal of talent in the SA region of the continent. The reasons why it wasn’t made there is what I think Eric talks about – and he’s right to an extent. However, this isn’t a zero-sum game, there can be local “copies” of great ideas that are useful and make money.

However, when something good does get created especially for this market it seems there are a lot of critics. Sure, Zoopy and Muti might not be completely new and different, but they still serve a purpose.

Let’s see some great kick-ass SA sites that go international (Eric, bring out your best). Let’s also support the ones that are there. In this I need to eat my own dogfood and start using an African video-hosting site for African Signals.

Damn, the more I think about this, the more I think there’s about 10 blog posts worth of content stored up in the ideas in this blog post and discussion alone.