Digg to support OpenID

I noticed a post on Digg which led me to this post on Vecosys titled "Breaking News – Digg will support Open ID". Kevin Rose, one of the lead Digg developers has said that Digg will support OpenID in the near future. Users will be able to log in to Digg using OpenID credentials or using a Digg user account. There are more and more service providers jumping on board and supporting OpenID and the end result will be something pretty close to a single login for the sites you perhaps frequent the most. This means fewer user accounts which means less admin.

It seems that OpenID is receiving a fair amount of support from some big names in the Web today and that is likely to translate into mainstream awareness of the technology and more widespread adoption. It will be pretty interesting to see whether we get to a point of having an universal login (or at least a real option to have that) down the line or whether the multiplicity of user accounts will continue to be the norm going forward.

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