YouTube on your Nokia with the Nokia Video Center

Nokia recently announced its new Video Center application which enables Nokia Nseries mobile device users to view and subscribe to YouTube videos:

The new Nokia Video Center offers a comprehensive and user friendly mobile video RSS feed and video on demand consumption experience with an easy-to-use interface for discovering, viewing and storing one’s favorite content on the Nokia Nseries multimedia computer. It combines branded video RSS feed services, internet videos and sideloaded videos from the PC into one single place such as the Nokia N95 and the recently announced Nokia N93i.

"Our cooperation with YouTube paves the way for continued growth for internet based content distribution. Enabling people to have access to a wide range of videos on their connected multimedia computers offers great potential for this area," said Torsti Tenhunen, Director, Multimedia, Nokia. "Also, Nokia Video Center offers content producers and distributors a unique way to lead consumers directly to dynamic video services which can easily be produced and tailored for various interests."

Nokia Video Center will be available globally in the markets where Nokia Nseries devices are sold. It will first be preinstalled in the Nokia N95 device and thereafter in most of the new Nokia Nseries devices. Nokia Video Center will also be available as download version for selected compatible S60 devices.

The Nokia Video Center supports H.264 videos which is a format supported by your video iPod and this means there will be even more content formatted for the smaller screen. Add feed capability (apparently the Nokia Video Center will support the Media RSS format which Yahoo! is promoting) and you have a whole new audience that wasn’t there before in the mobile space.

Nokia N95

Nokia is really making serious headway in this space with their deals with Six Apart and now with Google/YouTube. The Nseries devices are high end devices with cameras with up to 5 megapixels and almost DVD quality video. Combine that with high speed data access and you have not just the ability to stream video over mobile networks (something that analysts have been predicting year after year since 3G networks started rolling out a few years ago) but also to further develop the citizen media movement by adding high quality video and image content.

(Source: Niall Kennedy)

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