SA Blog Awards 2007 nominations now open!

Nominations for the SA Blog Awards 2007 are now open. To vote you can vote using the widgets you may find on South African blogs (an example is on our sidebar to the right of the posts so feel free to use it and vote for chilibean!) or visit the SA Blog Awards 2007 site and fill in your nominations there. The categories are as follows:

  • South African weblog of the year – The best of the best from SA
  • Best SA entertainment blog – Weblogs about movies, television, celebrities, theater and topical issues with entertainment value.
  • Most humourous South African blog – witty, comical and written to induce uncontrollable laughter.
  • Best post on a South African blog – The one post which stood out in 2006.
  • Best overseas South African blog – Best blog written by a South African in any foreign country
  • Best writing on a South African blog – composition, attention to detail, advanced levels of subject investigation.
  • Best SA blog about politics – The best SA blog featuring mainly a political theme.
  • Best SA photographic blog – The best SA blog featuring original photographic content.
  • Best new blog – Best blog which was started during the year of 2006
  • Best SA blog about food – The best blog written primarily about food or drink
  • Best SA blog about tech / computers / web development – Best South African technology focused weblog
  • Best SA Music blog – Best weblog about news of a musical nature.
  • Best GLBT blog – Best SA gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered blog.
  • Best designed SA blog – Best overall design and layout of a weblog page.
  • Best SA podcast – The best independently produced video or audio podcast in SA.
  • Best SA business blog – The best blog covering topics relating the the world of entrepreneurship, small business marketing, advertising, Web 2.0 trends and other remarkable news.

There are a couple new categories this year. The new categories are Best SA Music blog, Best GLBT blog and Best SA podcast. There are so many categories and so many amazing blogs to choose from so take some time to vote for all your favourites. The official prize is 2007 South African cents (R20.07) so this one is for the glory and the joy of being nominated and possibly winning!

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