Cerebra launches in Johannesburg

It has been something of an open secret that Cerebra was about to launch. Well, I think Mike was hoping to delay the launch until the site was perfect. Cerebra was officially launched at the 27dinner this evening:

So you’ve heard of blogs, wikis, social networks and podcasts – and you’re intrigued.
You’ve read about Web 2.0 but are still wondering where Web 1.0 went and what it looked like. Relax, you’re among friends!
We are not IT consultants. Rather, we understand people – how they work and collaborate and network and connect and how these dynamics impact on business. Cerebra assists clients in diagnosing areas of pain (around communication, intellectual property, knowledge, information, markets, etc.) and constructs customised solutions with specific outcomes to suit those requirements.
Cerebra’s intent is embodied in the phrase Making the Most of Many Minds’. We are in this business because we love to stretch our own frameworks and mental constructs. Connecting with any one person in the Cerebra team means instant access to the collective intelligence of our entire network. That is, in essence, what we aim to achieve with our clients strategies and solutions for harnessing the collective intelligence of human capital.

While the dinner was intended to be independent of any specific entity, the Cerebra guys did a great job putting the event together. I was able to briefly interview Mike and Dave and I asked them about Cerebra at the 27dinner. I apologise for the poor sound quality. It was pretty noisy where we shot the video and I was using my still camera to shoot the video.

I am intrigued by Cerebra’s offering, the "turn-key enterprise blogging, networking and collaboration suite called the Watercooler Chronicles". It is a system built using Drupal (my current favourite content management system and future platform for chilibean) and I am nagging Mike to give me a demonstration. Hopefully he will have a little more time now that this dinner has happened. If I do get to see the Watercooler Chronicles in action, I will most certainly let you know what my thoughts are. If it is what I think it may be, it is going to be a pretty simple and yet effective solution for the enterprise.

The Cerebra team comprises Mike Stopforth (the Head Geek), Dave Duarte (the Marketing Geek) and Carl Spies (the Systems Geek). Victoire and I wish them great success in Cerebra and we look forward to some interesting stuff from them.

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