The little things that make a big difference

I had a meeting with Richard (Rich…!) from Missing Link yesterday afternoon.  Their offices are out in North Riding and quite a drive from my base of operations so I was going to haul out my map book and find my way there just before I set out for the meeting.  Yesterday morning I received a call from Andre, Missing Link’s concierge to let me know that many of the the traffic lights on one of the main roads leading to Missing Link’s offices were out of order and to offer me directions to their offices.  That really got my attention.

I arrived at their offices a little before Rich, who was running a little late (I had received a courtesy call and an offer of coffee/other drinks until he arrived), and was promptly given a tour of their very unusual offices.  I had a great meeting with Rich and when I left I was given a party pack (much of which didn’t make it out of the parking lot) and a ride on their Segway (very cool experience).

Even though my meeting was to discuss possible projects and other things, I was shown amazing service from beginning to end.  What an inspiring experience!

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