I don’t know Suresh Roberts, and frankly I don’t have much interest in his career highs or lows.

But through your article, you seem to revel in taking a dig and insulting this guy. This is sad. It’s almost as pathetic and lame as the arguments of those individuals (and the media) who believe they are authorized to ridicule and make racist remarks at others.

Far too many similar minded people think that every time people like Suresh, et al, open their mouths, they are making mountains out of a molehills; they are full of hot air, or simply political opportunists.

The problem is that today the media (and others) spend their time focusing on all the wrong issues and targeting all the wrong people. No wonder they applaud this judgment. This is jam for them.

Anyone who thinks the media is “entitled” to comment indiscriminately or insensitively against whom they wish is simply hallucinating. This is utter rubbish.

Far too many individuals and psuedo intellectuals today hide behind verbosity and catachreses while masquerading as ethical, noble and moral uprights. But in truth, these individuals are spineless and unserviceable. Words like valiant and courageous are foreign to these persons. They are the useful idiots in societies everywhere.

Those individuals, who demonstrate sincerity and character in what they do in attempts to expose the social illnesses and racism perpetuated by the media, are almost always scorned. This is unfortunate because they are the individuals who define what it means to be ethical. But the real tragedy is that the fools get all the media attention and airtime. And while the media and pseudo intellectuals continue to disseminate their refuse, the public greedily lap it up.

Fortunately, society is not totally overrun by the useful idiots.

Dale Phillip