Missing Link TV: what could possibly go wrong?

Mike Stopforth has just posted this one. The Missing Links have a TV channel, of a sort, called MLTV (or Missing Link TV) and it is nothing less than inspired!

Ok, from a new media perspective MLTV is a really clever use of YouTube embedded videos and some very well designed blog templates to create an interface for a TV show that appeals to the eye and is really entertaining.


One really brilliant aspect of this format is that Google carries the cost of the bandwidth (which is a huge consideration for video sharing). MLTV is going to establish a new standard for user created video content. Awesome job guys.

From a pure entertainment perspective, these guys are funny:

This puts the lekker back in local! Don’t forget the wallpaper images!

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  1. […] I love what the Missing Links have done with their MLTV channel.  This one really tickles me in good places and is a great example of what some creative thinking can accomplish.  […]

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