Episode 1 of the Legally Content podcast has been published

I have just published two versions of episode 1 of the Legally Content podcast titled "The Apple Show and DRM".  The original episode is the full version and includes part of Steve Jobs’ keynote speech where he introduces the iPhone.  It is worth listening to and at the same time does take the podcast to around 30 minutes and 36MB.  I also published an abbreviated version of the podcast without Jobs’ keynote speech for those of you with bandwidth restrictions.

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I am just waiting for the feed to update to Odeo and I’ll insert mini-players in this post for you to use.  Actually, on that note, I inserted a mini-player into Legally Content‘s sidebar and into the right sidebar of 3puppies media.  What do you think of that mini-player?  Should I insert one into this blog’s sidebar instead of the individual episode mini-players in these announcement posts?

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