Drupal 5 (Release Candidate 1)

I have set up a Drupal site based on version 5 (Release Candidate 1) for my micropublishing business, 3puppies media, and have just spent the better part of the day working out how to use many of the features.

I have spent a fair amount of time getting to know WordPress (which I now use for all of my other sites with the exception of 3puppies) and I have found it to be a really solid and user friendly platform which I would recommend to anyone looking to set up a site. Drupal, on the other hand, is far more complex than WordPress and is a content management system in the true sense of the term.

To say that I now understand the ins and outs of Drupal would be an absolute lie. The platform is so involved and has so many options that I think I have only just begun to scratch the surface. That being said, it is an incredible platform to build a site on (I am working on a project with two partners at the moment which is going to be built using Drupal and I think it is a fantastic choice). It is incredibly flexible (you can add whatever content you want and put it wherever you want to put it) and powerful. I love the aggregation feature (I would like to integrate feeds I import into the main content flow of the site itself) and the ease with which I can add all sorts of content to the sidebars. One thing I would like to be able to do is change the permalink structure to match the same sort of format that is in use in WordPress although the way the links are formatted does make sense in the context of what Drupal does.

Victoire, my brilliant partner in crime here at chilibean, recently relaunched one of her blogs using Drupal and it looks great. I actually didn’t realise it was done in Drupal until I read her post about it on her main blog. I have actually started seeing a few blogs running on Drupal even though blogs are only one form of content that Drupal supports (I have seen blogs, static pages, story pages and videos as content options in Drupal and I am sure there are many more available).

Have you used Drupal? What are your thoughts?

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