Mac tablet to be unveiled at MacWorld next week

A high end tablet style Mac computer is going to be unveiled by MacWorld next week although not by Apple. The ModBook is a joint effort between hardware manufacturer Axiotron and Other World Computing, a Mac product manufacturer and reseller and while details of the features are a little sparse at the moment, here is some information in its capabilities:

  • Write and draw directly on screen!True pen & handwriting recognition
  • Built in iSight Camera
  • Integrated CD/DVD combo drive
  • The ONLY Mac solution with an optional built-in Global Positioning System
  • Aircraft grade magnesium alloy for all terrain use

This must mean that Apple has no intention of bringing out a Mac tablet of its own, at least not any time soon so that pretty much narrows the field down for what may be unveiled at the MacWorld Conference next week.

Be sure to check back here for hysterical, Mac fanboy announcements about what is going to be announced. Some of the expected announcements include the release of Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard, the iTV (or whatever they are going to call it) and the much anticipated next generation iPod.

(Source: TechWeb via Yahoo! News and TUAW)

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