Google Calendar is the new rising star

According to some research Michael Arrington did for TechCrunch, Google Calendar is fast catching up with rivals Yahoo! Calendar and MSN Calendar.

I have been using Google Calendar for a little while now and have about half my business calendars in Google Calendar. I then subscribe to those calendars in iCal which, in turn, synchronises with my Nokia mobile phone. The one big limitation I have found with Google Calendar is my inability to add events to the my calendars if I am not on the Google Calendar page. This means that if I want to add an event I have to go through a pretty circuitous process to get it on there and then synchronised with my offline calendars.

Arrington mentioned that he uses Google Calendar and so does Mike Stopforth. I was really impressed with the Scrybe demo on YouTube and have been playing with the beta version but so far I just don’t see the functionality I saw in the demo video so I am sticking with Google Calendar for the time being. Google brought out the Gmail client for mobile phones a little while ago and it works really well. I would love to see a Google Calendar version for my mobile phone or, even better, the ability to synchronise difrectly with Google Calendar using iCal or Outlook.

There is hope though. A product called Spanning Sync is in private beta testing and integrates with Apple’s iCal and allows for two way synchronisation between iCal and Google Calendar. Version 1.0b9 has just been released for testing and I am looking forward to the public beta. If this software works the way they say it will work, it will create the ability to make Google Calendar that much more effective and mobile. Ideally, I would like to be able to add events on the fly and synchronise with Google Calendar when I synchronise everything else. This is one of the things that attracted me to Scrybe, the promise of interoperability and flexibility.

So, what do you use? Do you use online calendars and how is that working out for you?

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