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I have been a member of LinkedIn for a little while now and haven’t really thought much of it.  There are so many networks around that you have to pick a network and go with it or spend a good amount of time keeping all your various networks updated.  One network which keeps popping up is LinkedIn and based on the comments I see from time to time, it is an underutilised network.

The way it generally works is that you create a profile and list your career details.  So you would list your schools, universities and all the positions you have held and then start building your network of contacts based on people who you know and people you would like to know.

Guy Kawasaki has a post titled "Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn" which has a number of really good ideas for making the most of LinkedIn.  My favourite are:

  • Improve your visibility;
  • Improve your connectability; and
  • Scope out potential business partners.

As a networking tool, you really shouldn’t rely on this exclusively.  This is, however, a fantastic supplement to your other networking activities.  Nothing quite replaces a good meeting or chat on the phone.  What LinkedIn adds is that connectivity and the ability to keep up to date on what your partners and potential partners are doing.

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