1 000 posts – looking back

I just checked my WordPress dashboard and it tells me that this post is post 1 000!  I went back in time and found my first post in this blog.  It is titled "In the beginning …" and was posted on 6 December 2004:

I paused for a few minutes, debating what to say in my first post in this new blog (my 3rd so far). I glossed over the news and didn’t see anything appealing there and, somehow, a rant just doesn’t feel appropriate right now. Instead I thought I’d just let you know what a beautiful day it is in Johannesburg today. True it is cloudy and the day started off with rain (I hope it continues in the months ahead). It is just that the blue skies have been revealed and the warm sun is shining on the very green trees outside my office … it is all good!

With that, I give you Wired Gecko …

Ok, so I wasn’t a big talker in my first post.  I don’t even remember my first two blogs (well, this blog started out in Blogger before I moved it to TypePad but I think I was referring to two previous blogs not the platforms).

I have had quite a ride with this blog, some times hating it and some times loving it.  I can’t get over the fact that I have published 1 000 posts on this blog alone.  I know there are blogs out there that have been going much longer than this one, but still …

Anyway, here is to the next 1 000 posts!

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