Essential tools for mobile workers

There is a handy list of essentials on Web Worker Daily for all mobile workers.  Consider this your key toolkit to do what you need to do.  Here is the abbreviated list:

  • computer;
  • Internet access (dial-up doesn’t quite cut it);
  • phone line (more important than you’d think);
  • professional support (really important);
  • good handsfree headset;
  • an ergonomic working environment;
  • putting your gear into a portable pack;
  • online social network (for a little downtime);
  • backup system (this is so important and you should consider redundancies);
  • supportive personal network (the glue that holds it all together).

Are there any tools in your toolkit which you find indispensable?  Why not let us know what works well for you and what you couldn’t do without?

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