This site should be far more accessible now

I have moved this site to a WordPress platform and it should work a lot better from now on.  Commenting will be a lot more convenient and I don’t anticipate I will have any more problems posting content to this site the way I prefer to.  If you visit the site you will notice that there are a few visible changes.  For one thing, the look and feel of the site has changed.  This is mainly because I have to migrate the stylesheet that gave the last version of this site its appearance to this platform.  For the time being, I will make the changes I can.  The main thing for me is the functionality of this site.

Another change is that I have moved some of the static pages to pages that are accessible using tabs on the top of the site.  These pages include terms and conditions and information about me and my practice.

Please let me know if something doesn’t work properly or if there is anything that you like or don’t like about the site?

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