New South African podcast launches (and another on the way)

Mike Stopforth and Dave Duarte have launched their new marketing podcast called "Amplitude":

Welcome to the first episode of Amplitude – the SA new-marketing podcast!
Amplitude 1 – We’re Virgins

  • It’s our first and last show of 2006
  • We chat about what we want to do with the podcast
  • We discuss the Mike Arrington vs. Sam Sethi kerfoefel and how that affects their brand
  • E2 in Regent Road SeaPoint has the Marketing Maneuvre of the week
  • The SA Banking industry is the collective Tonsil of the week

We’re new to this podcasting thing and we’re working it out as we go along. We’d really like to hear from you by comments on this post or by email at:
Also, if you happen to be an inspired and talented designer and you could design us a logo then we’d REALLY appreciate it because we suck at design.
Happy Holidays!

You can subscribe in iTunes or using your favourite feed reader. The reviews have been really good. I have subscribed to the podcast and will post my thoughts when I have listened to it. I am really excited about this podcast because it is yet another indication that South Africans are really pushing ahead with even more innovative content.

I am going to launch a new podcast of my own in the new year (I am planning on recording a few early episodes next week, actually) which will be a podcast about new media and the law (I am an attorney in my day job). I’ll announce more details when I have the site up and the first episode or two done.

Great job Mike and Dave!

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