YesNoMayB: Local dating site does us proud

An innovative local dating site along the lines of HotOrNot has received a mixed review on TechCrunch. The way YesNoMayB works is that you get to review a series of photos of people fitting your requirements (gender, age, orientation) and the photos you approve are placed in a queue for later review. The people you like are shown your photo and if they like what they see, you have a match. The more you use their patented FaceSpin system, the better the site gets at predicting who you will like and presents better results.

The interface is pretty slick, simple and easy to work with and I like the idea of the matching system. Users of the free basic account have to wait a few days before seeing new members although premium members who pay around $18 get to see new members right away. Another interesting fact is that this site is associated with!

Once again, local talent has done well enough to feature on an international site like TechCrunch! That is an achievement worth noting. If you would like more information on the team (which seems to be based in the UK) behind YesNoMayB, here you go:

Three people sat around a table one day bitching about the unnecessary state of the online dating scene that is predominantly cheese, sleaze and money-please.
They knew what they wanted:

  1. An online dating website that would be fast and simple to use.
  2. A visual introduction to people they fancied without anyone knowing they’d initiated it.
  3. An intelligent and selective dating website that would learn to prioritise who rings their bell and would be a perfect match.
  4. The option to find out what others thought of them before they gave any clues away.
  5. And above all a website that would be fresh, flirty and fairly priced.

They knew what they had to do:

  1. Lure in Alx from Smashing to conceptualise the idea from take-off to launch.
  2. Convince Steve from Wheelhouse to give the site its fine good looks.
  3. Bring on Jenni’s web management team Bluex2 to glue it all together.
  4. Utilise their friendly and phenomenal admin team, headed up by Fazila.
  5. Inspire and encourage one another persistently to turn their wish list into a reality.

They are:

  • Nick Tsinonis (Technical Designand Project Management)
  • Themi Stergianos (The MBA dude and Business Developer)
  • Amanda Tsinonis (Marketing and Design)

To contact Nick, Themi or Amanda, please click here.
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