WordPress isn’t just for blogs, you know

I have been chatting to a guy the last day or so about moving his site to WordPress. His current design would translate well on WordPress and although his site is static, he is interested in adding blog goodness to his site so WordPress sounded ideal to me. So then I came across this post by Stephan Spencer on MarketingProfs:Daily Mix titled "Your Static Site on Steroids, Thanks to WordPress" which discusses exactly how to do just that.

Spencer has a link to his corporate site which is a WordPress installation but where the static pages are the main pages on the site in contrast to most WordPress sites which emphasise the blog element. This just goes to show how flexible WordPress is as a content management system in addition to blogging software. Of course building a site on WordPress gives you the benefits of features like feeds, easy ways to categorise content, the ability to notify blog directories when your site is updated, permalinks that are that much more search engine friendly and more. To add to all of this, WordPress is a free download and is pretty easy to set up.

I see that the The Rimm-Kaufman Group Blog has a pretty good post on their planned migration to WordPress in the new year. Their plan is to blog about the move as they go which should be pretty interesting. I suspect a migration shouldn’t be too difficult, depending on the functionality of an existing site.

Have you had experience with this sort of development? How did you find the migration?

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