Local bloggers gathered yesterday

I went to my first local blogger gathering yesterday at the Zoo Lake Bowling Club and what an experience that was! The Blogger Meet was organised by the good folks at Ostendo and they even gave out caps to commemorate the event. Mine is right here on my desk. Basically a group of South African bloggers (many of whom I have only recently discovered) got together and chatted, drank and made merry. It really struck me what an awesome group of people they are and how that really enhances the South African blogosphere. Some of the blogs represented there included the following (I apologise in advance if I left anyone off the list – these are the people I remember and recognise):

There were some pretty interesting conversations going on. One discussion was whether blogging is just a trend or a fad (I don’t think so) and what constitutes a blog? For the most part I just felt like a real fanboy being around so many bloggers who are rated as some of the top bloggers in Joburg and whose blogs I have read or heard about. I really got a kick out of the fact that many of them recognised this blog. Thanks a bunch to the Ostendo people for organising the event and for the cap!

Ok, I’ll pack the inner fanboy away and get back to the blogging …

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