COSATU threatens “hell” is Zuma is charged again

So Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) general secretary, Zwelinzima Vavi, is in the news, again, with his threats of "hell in the country" if the National Prosecuting Authority charges disgraced former deputy president, Jacob Zuma, with, among other things, fraud in 2007.  Vavi claims that Zuma will not be allowed to stand trial because he will not receive a fair trial.  What rubbish!  This has nothing to do with concerns about Zuma receiving a fair trial (in a trial as big as that, of course he would receive a fair trial) and everything to do with political maneuvering.  Vavi is obviously better his future on Zuma and if Zuma is found guilty of the things he could well be charged with then that would be the end of Vavi’s political ambitions.

In related news the ANC Youth League is postponing its own leadership elections after the ANC nominates its leader for the next election (that leader will be the next president of the country) to ensure that Zuma is nominated as ANC party leader.  Again, more political maneuvering.

All these political hacks are concerned about is advancing their own careers at the expense of whomever gets in their way.  If their supporters were educated as to what their leaders are really trying to do and as to what Zuma has really been up to then their support would drop in an instant (if it didn’t, it would be time to leave what would shortly become another banana republic).

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