No Featured Business of the Week and a call for ideas

You may have noticed that there is no Featured Business of the Week this week.  The reason for this is that no-one submitted their business to be featured.  This has been an interesting experiment and I was curious, at the outset, whether people would submit their businesses to be featured for free on this blog.  The challenge with offering something for free is that there is generally little perceived value so people don’t take advantage of the service.  I will keep this service available so if anyone would like to have their business featured then drop me a line and I’ll do a post on your business.

I would also like to know from you, my readers, if there is something you would like to see on this blog?  The purpose of this blog is to be a blog that focuses on solo and small businesses and issues that are relevant to those businesses so this blog is really about you and your business.

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