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The little things can really trip you up if you are not careful.  I recently encountered a challenge that comes with growth – if you don’t have a good system to help you keep track of all the work that is coming in you will quickly stumble and risk compromising all the fruits of your hard work. 

It is a really good idea to come up with a system that enables you to track your tasks and workflows effectively so that you get everything done when it is due.  The system can be as simple as a paper diary you are committed to maintaining and as complicated as a combination of web-based and desktop organisation software.  Web Worker Daily has a pretty good post about some task management applications which could help you keep track of your daily tasks as well as a a couple tips from Ryan Carson who is a real fan of Getting Things Done.  Here is a video Ryan published to YouTube:

I have started reading up on Getting Things Done and have a couple bookmarks on del.icio.us.  Feel free to send a few links my way by adding them to del.icio.us and tagging the bookmark with the tag "for:pejrm".

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