Unbelievable what some people come up with

Here is a story for you:

a psychologist receives a patient and spends time with that patient.  The psychologist mostly listens to the patient and comes to the conclusion that because of the way the patient looked at the family budgie from time to time, the patient has certain early signs of having a "murderous" tendency and suggested that the patient be put to death.  The family agreed and the patient was executed.

Doesn’t that sound a little odd?  Crazy even?  Well this story is based on fact.  The main difference between this story and the facts the story is based on is that the patient in the story was a two year old dog in the original set of circumstances.

News24 has the original story which details how a so-called "dog whisperer" advised the owners of a two year old Boerbul who felt that the poor animal had "early signs of hunting".  For goodness sake, it was a dog.  Dogs are descendants of other dogs which were bred to be hunters.  The hunting instinct is hardwired into these animals.  What a quack!

I’ll make another point and then go fume in a corner.  Human beings have definite violent tendencies.  Perhaps we should start executing human beings who psychologists feel may start to develop violent tendencies?

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