Basic truths

Pamela Slim has published her Work Manifesto and I believe it is worth reading.  Here are her main points:

  • Work is your real life. 
  • Good work will improve your sex life. 
  • Your secret desire holds the clue to your best work. 
  • You can’t fool your kids. 
  • Fear is the great inhibitor. 
  • Owning is better than renting.

It is so easy to forget the important things that drove us when we struck out on our own.  We really should find ways to remember those things that motivated us in the beginning. 

I am having one of those days where I find myself experiencing some of the feelings and sensations I experienced just before I left my last job and it is quite an effective reminder to go back and remember what it was about my new path that had me leaping out of bed on Monday mornings.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?  What are you excited about?  How do you take yourself back to those happy thoughts that got your juices flowing in the beginning?  Do you have a word manifesto of your own?

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