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TypePad features blogs all the time and one of the featured blogs is this blog run by the people at Quicken Loans in the United States. The blog is called "What’s the Diff" and its tag line is "Exposing the gap between average and excellent". It isn’t quite what you would expect from a blog run by people who are in the loan business. So what is the blog about?

THE DIFF blog is all about the things that make the difference in business and in life. Most of the time, its the little things. But every so often its something really big. At Quicken Loans, our team members cite the ability to make a difference? as the biggest key to their job satisfaction. We consider this one of the most important facets of our company and corporate culture. So, we decided to search the planet for things that make a difference. Everyday, we want to celebrate those that make a difference and call out those that dont. Its that simple. All stories and examples on this blog are real, not fiction, and if any mistakes or errors are found, we will acknowledge them and correct them promptly. We will never delete or refuse comments unless they are off-topic of an entry, spam, or contain offensive/abusive language. We link directly to other sites and references and never claim information owned by others to be ours. Links to and from this site are not an endorsement.

This is really interesting to me. This blog seems totally out of place for a loans/financial services company and yet it also makes sense, in a way. Rather than focus on what the company does, create a blog about what the company is really about, deep down. This blog highlights a reason for blogs that many people overlook. Blogs are not just to talk about your business. They are also an opportunity to talk about your culture, corporate or otherwise, and talk about those things you find on the Web and elsewhere that illustrate what you are about. The end result is that your customers will get to know you that much better (even if they are getting to know an idea of you) and that makes them more likely to deal with you.

Another reason I am mentioning this blog is for this profile of one of the bloggers contributing to this blog:

Special Agent Amy Prior is an expert in martial arts, specifically karate, jujutsu and Japanese swordsmanship. She has a Masters Degree in Kick Ass and the ability to take the average person down in just a few moves. She uses her superpowers and martial abilities to fight crime and bring peace to the world.
Agent Amy Prior holds a cover job writing for Quicken Loans, an online mortgage lender and occasionally moonlights as a model. She established her career by writing for automotive clients with various interactive promotional needs and now writes about all things mortgage.
She is quite a Star Trek/Battlestar Galactica freak and enjoys spending time with her geeky, self-proclaimed Stern-o-phile husband Don, and her three cats, Goober, Princess and Hideous Rebellion.


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