When to source funding

There is a pretty interesting video on sourcing funding which was mentioned on Guy Kawasaki’s blog.  I actually don’t know what is more interesting to me, the video itself or the way the video has been published.  The video is available to be viewed on a site called Veotag.  The video is broken down into chapters and you can skip ahead to topics that interest you more.

Veotag screenshot

There doesn’t seem to be a way to download the video so you do need to be online to view it.  That being said, it doesn’t look like you need a really fast connection to have a decent experience watching a video on Veotag.

I just had a thought about a possible application for Veotag.  I wonder if it wouldn’t be feasible for local businesses who give similar presentations to make use of this platform as a supplement for presentations given and filmed?  This isn’t exactly a novel idea considering this is the context of this post but then again I think it is helpful to remind ourselves that we, too, can benefit from this sort of technology.

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