What had your lawyer done to develop your business today?

I came across a post on the veotag blog (for information about veotag, take a look at this brief review on chilibean) about how their lawyers are proactively involved in their business:

What has your attorney done for you lately?  Most law firms operate in a way which is completely passive: they wait for you to call.  Lawyers will actively help you – when asked – to find ways to protect your business.
You might imagine the typical relationship between an attorney and his client as that of a professional castle and moat building organization.  The attorney provides information to protect your interest.  The castle walls do not do anything to promote your interests but at least you know if you stay inside the walls that the attorney suggests, you will not have to worry about outside forces.
WolfBlock is changing the way lawyers do business.  WolfBlock has added to their staff a business development person, Beth Cohen, who makes it her business to help WolfBlock’s clients become successful.  She is helping to connect clients with one another and with funding sources.  If I were an attorney at a competing firm, I would call it heresy.
When you think about how you try to do business and improve your business, you think about calling in your Rolodex.  Networking is also an important part of growing that Rolodex.  Normally, your Professional Service team: Lawyers, Accountants, and the like, passively respond to your requests.  By adding to your efforts to grow your business, these groups could really strengthen your company.

I agree with the sentiment in this post and I wrote about this about two months ago.  Your lawyer can be a valuable asset in your business but it really depends on how you take advantage of that resource.  It really helps to see your lawyer not as a deep pit where all your money goes but rather as a partner and colleague who has specific knowledge and expertise that can help you deal with a variety of circumstances more effectively.

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