Mail & Guardian launches weekly podcast

Mike Stopforth mentioned that Mail & Guardian is publishing a weekly podcast through its site. I agree with Mike that this is a sign of things to come here in South Africa. Mainstream media’s adoption of technologies like podcasts will drive further adoption in other sectors in this country. The podcast is titled "Between the Pages":

Well-known South African broadcaster Tony Lankester brings you a weekly Mail & Guardian podcast that focuses on the main news stories of the week as reported in the M&G newspaper and on the M&G Online. The show includes insightful commentary on the news and no-holds-barred interviews with people in the news and M&G journalists.

To listen to the podcast, you can subscribe through iTunes or your preferred podcast subscription software. Alternatively you can download each episode from the site directly. The podcast also has a blog on Blogger (it surprises me that blogs like this are not run on the WordPress platform, rather than Google’s Blogger). The second episode has been uploaded and is available for download. This episode is a particularly interesting one for me because it takes a look at the local music industry’s knowledge (or lack thereof) of media like podcasts.

Jayne had an interesting week dealing with the people at EMI who handle one of the big music libraries around…and discovered that they had no idea what a podcast was, let alone how to go about charging us for using their music. So while they stall and Google their way to Wikipedia to catch up with the rest of the world (if they can find their PCs that is – hint: look under your abacus) we played you what we think is a viable alternative.

I just listened to the first episode of the podcast and it is pretty good! It is a lot like the Economist’s podcast in that various journalists are brought in to discuss stories they have been investigating. It is well worth downloading and even subscribing to.

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