Featured business of the week: Seebots Distributors

Seebots DistributorsSeebots Distributors CC is a small family business that draws on member Johan van Staden’s considerable experience in the energy industry (oil and gas) to apply world class, corporate principles to SMEs in South Africa:

We supply a wide range of fittings to gas installers, gas companies, resellers, the DIY market and gas equipment builders throughout South Africa and neighbouring states. We just completed a consignment of gas burners and rotisserie motors for a manufacturer in Dubai, our biggest large consignment outside the borders of South Africa.

Energy is a hot topic in South Africa and it is becoming increasingly important to find alternatives to electricity, both to cater for the increasing number of power failures we are experiencing as well as to begin to wean ourselves off limited, fossil fuels (if you have had the opportunity to see An Inconvenient Truth or have been exposed to similar materials, you will be nodding with me right about now).

I remember Johan telling me about his brisk trade when the rolling blackouts started in Cape Town.  His trade is a symptom of a growing awareness of the need to become more self-sufficient in the face of an ageing infrastructure and diminishing or increasingly expensive fuel sources.  Buying gas canisters to deal with an electricity blackout may not be a cheap option but it sure is a way you can take proactive steps to meet your energy requirements.  So is moving on to municipal gas if it is available and if you can afford it.  What we need now are businesses like Johan’s which supply efficient solar panels and alternative forms of renewable energy to homes and businesses throughout South Africa.  Then we will see a revolution start to take root.

If you would like to discuss your energy needs with Johan, you can reach him at the following:

PO Box 44086, Linden 2104 South Africa.

81 First Avenue, Linden 2195, Johannesburg

Tel: +27 11 888-3050 Fax: +27 11 782-0338 Cel: +27 82 492-9254

e-mail: seebots (at) worldonline (dot) co (dot) za

Web site: http://www.seebots.sa.gs

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