Featured business of the week: Promoworx

The featured business for the coming week is a company based in Horizon, Gauteng, called Promoworx.  According to the website:

PromoWorx started with a view to sourcing unique gifts to suit each company, but with the objective of importing at a fraction of the cost of other importers/suppliers. This has been achieved over and over again. Our customers, from huge Pharmaceutical companies to small one-man businesses, are delighted with our service and prices.

We obtain the best prices possible, whilst not holding stock, which keeps our overheads down. We will provide any of the local gifts available on the South African market, but our goal is to source and import a UNIQUE gift for your company. Obviously we have to allow for production and shipping time, so forward planning in this regard is important.

When Ellie Snyman mailed me and told me about her business, she told me the following:

PromoWorx has been in existence for nearly 3 years, and has grown from a 1-woman show operating from her home study, to building an office onto the house, to buying a house nearby to run the business from. 

The secret to this growth is the pride & passion that each of the 3 of us put into our work.  We always deliver on time, never promise what we can’t deliver, and keep our clients informed on the progress of their order.  We love what we do, and thrive on the interaction with our clients, most of whom we regard as friends.

I believe that if it is possible to develop this kind of relationship with your colleagues, it makes a tremendous difference to that team’s productivity, both qualitatively and quantitatively.  The poet, Kahlil Gibran famously said of work that "Work is love made visible".  This becomes possible when that work is being done by a people who don’t see the work as a chore but rather as a service they are passionately dedicated to.  When you deal with people who work like this, their passion is palpable and almost seems to be imparted to whatever it is they do for you.

Promoworx has recently launched a new business called Printworx which enables them to screen or print pad their own orders and enhance their general offering to their customers.  You can contact Promoworx using the following contact details:

Office Phone:   0861 77 6669
                      +27 11 763 7203
                      +27 11 760 5414

Fax:                +27 11 760 5336

Address:          206 Ontdekkers Road

Email:              sales@promoworx.co.za

Cell:                +27 72 400 0388
                       +27 84 240 5990 






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