Why I have been a little lax with my posting

As you may have noticed I have had a couple issues with my blogs lately and this has forced me to re-evaluate my choice of TypePad for my blogging platform.  For whatever reason, TypePad is struggling a bit with my blogs (primarily this one).  I don’t know if this is a general problem with other TypePad blogs with so many posts in the database (I have around 900 posts in the database) or if I am the only one experiencing this issue.  Either way it doesn’t really matter because my experience is such that I find it extremely difficult to post to and maintain this blog because the service is inaccessible to my blog editors and when I use the TypePad service directly it frequently times out.  This all means I have great difficulty putting up new content for you, my visitors and subscribers.

I am sure the great people at Six Apart will resolve the problem soon (they really have been working hard at the problem) and TypePad will continue to be one of the best, or the best, hosted blogging platforms around.  I don’t want to compromise my blog any further and while much of the traffic is from people who search for the content on my blog as opposed to people who have subscribed to the blog’s feed, I’d like the experience to be a pleasant one for everyone. 

Bottom line: I am moving this blog pretty soon to a new home.  It will take a while to complete the migration mainly because TypePad doesn’t allow for easy downloads of all the images and content that I have inserted into my blog posts over the last two years so although the new blog should be up and running pretty quickly, the posts will still reference content on TypePad’s servers for a little while.

Please check back here for more updates as I go.  The blog will become available under a new domain which will be part of the reinvented Neuvo blog.

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