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This post on What About Clients lists 12 rules of client service which, if followed, will result in far better client service.  When I read this list I see something to aspire to, both as an attorney and as a service provider, generally:

  1. Represent only clients you like.
  2. The client is the main event.
  3. Make sure everyone in your firm knows the client is the main event.
  4. Deliver legal work that changes the way clients think about lawyers.
  5. Over-communicate: bombard, copy and confirm.
  6. When you work, you are marketing.
  7. Know the client.
  8. Think like the client–help control costs.
  9. Be there for clients–24/7.
  10. Be accurate, thorough and timely–but not perfect.
  11. Treat each co-worker like he or she is your best client.
  12. Have fun.

Copyright 2005 John Daniel Hull IV, Julie Elizabeth McGuire, Hull McGuire PC, All Rights Reserved (republished with permission from the author)

As JD Hull points out, keeping these rules is a lot of hard work and at the same time I believe that if a service provider can keep these rules the benefits will include far better relationships with clients and the satisfaction of having really developed an excellent service orientated business.

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