Nokia N95 is breathtaking

Forget the N73 (which is a really amazing phone), the phone to buy (or take on contract) is the upcoming Nokia N95. It is one of those devices which you have to check on because it sounds like a hoax and yet it isn’t. Take a look at this ad while I take a breath and calm down a little:

This phone has its all and its release is a sure sign that Nokia is no longer messing about with mediocrity when it designs its higher end devices. They have even stopped referring to these devices as mobile phones. Instead they are now called multimedia computers. The N95 has a wealth of features that include HSDPA (that is the next generation of 3G/UMTS), WiFi, a built in GPS system, 150MB of internal memory, support for hot-swappable mini-SD cards and a 5 mega-pixel camera that is perfect for snapping photos you’d like to upload to your Flickr account. To add to this, the device runs on the 3rd release of Nokia’s Series 60 platform and is supposed to be quite a bit quicker than its predecessors.

Full specifications are at GSM Arena. Reading these specifications I can understand what the people at Engadget meant when they said the following in their post on the N95:

We’re still struggling with a spat of fainting fits across the Engadget HQ, but that Nokia N95 pre-release info leak last night wasn’t no hearsay. Nokia just dropped their complete fanboy specsheet of a S60 phone in the Nokia N95 today, including a 5 megapixel camera, integrated GPS, 802.11g WiFi, HSDPA, microSD, 150MB of internal memory and pretty much any other spec you could ever care to have stuffed into your phone by a Finnish "multimedia computer" manufacturer. The 2.6-inch QVGA screen should provide plenty of room to partake in all this specification glory, and there’s a full-on 3.5mm audio jack to enjoy your multimedia in a convenient manner. Of course, that 550 euro pricetag ($700 US) wasn’t no joke neither, but luckily we have until Q1 ’07 — that’s when they’re busting this thing out in Europe — to get all practiced up on our petty thievery. Keep reading for the pr0n.

To add insult to injury, here is a Gizmodo video showing the phone in action. I have to stop drooling …

If you are looking for a smartphone with it all (the main reason I am not dropping my iPod is because it will take a lot more than the most amazing smartphone I have ever seen to get me to abandon my iPod) then this is what you have been waiting for. Of course waiting for this baby to be released will give us time to assess the much anticipated iPhone (when it comes out).

For more sites that discuss the N95, you can take a look at my page on the N95.

Ok, you can start breathing again …

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