Featured business of the week: G&S Office

G&S Office is based in the Cape Town CBD and has been around since 1913, starting life as a printing company and now operating as a fully fledged office products company.   G&S Office operates 30-day accounts for its customers and delivers free of charge to areas in and around Cape Town:

We offer a professional service and my staff are fully trained in all areas of office products.

This statement is a particularly important one.  How often have you been into a store and asked advice about whatever it is you wanted to buy only to find that what little knowledge you had was more than the salesperson?  Adequate staff training is important for credibility and to be able to meaningfully interact with your customers, understand their needs and provide them with what they really need.

I asked Dave Boulle, the man behind G&S Office, what he is passionate about and this is what he told me:

What gets me going?  The challenge and distraction of owning your own business.  What a pleasure after 10 years in the corporate life!

I also asked Dave whether there are any lessons which stand out for him.  He gave me two important lessons:

  • Keep your eye on the ball while also looking all around for opportunities.
  • People make a big difference in your business.  Find the right ones and manage them properly for your business to flourish.

As with many business lessons, these are not new and at the same time they are proven over time to be effective and sound principles that help run a business.

If you would like to contact Dave, you can reach him using the following:

Tel:  021 424 4354
Fax:  021 424 4359
Mobile:  083 251 6238
Email:  dave (at) gs-office dot co dot za






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